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Florsheim Info : Duelist Revolution Special Edition

Belum saja kita sembuh dari kejutan Mirror Force common, kita kembali dikagetkan oleh langkah besar Konami : Mengembalikan Special Edition yang sudah satu edisi absen. Dan isinya kali ini bukan main-main, yaitu Gold Sarcophagus dan Drill Warrior! Simak berita lengkapnya di bawah :

Product Title : Duelist Revolution Special Edition
Product Type : Special Edition Box
Launch Date : 9/21/10
Konami Tournament Legal Date : 9/21/10

Here’s your second chance to get on board the Duelist Revolution! Each box of Duelist Revolution Special Edition comes with 3 booster packs of Duelist Revolution plus 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards: either Gold Sarcophagus or Drill Warrior!

Gold Sarcophagus gives ultimate access to the one card you need most in your Deck! When you activate this Spell Card, choose any card in your Deck and set it aside. Then two turns later, add the card to your hand! Gold Sarcophagus is great for finding the right card you need in a tight spot, setting up your perfect card combo, or just getting your favorite monster, Spell, or Trap! Previously available only as a top prize card or as a Gold Rare, Duelist Revolution Special Edition makes Gold Sarcophagus more available to everyone!

Yusei’s Drill Warrior is a popular and powerful Synchro Monster you can add to your Extra Deck. Drill Warrior is a triple-power card, with the ability to attack your opponent’s Life Points directly, remove itself from play so it can’t be destroyed, and return a monster from your Graveyard back to your hand! This all-in-one utility monster exploded onto the tournament scene in early 2010, and this is your best chance yet to get a copy of your very own!

Lalu, bagaimana tanggapan Anda mengenai kebaikan Konami ini?

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4 komentar:

tidak kaget sih...malah cukup membantu pemain2 baru ^_^

emang seharusnya Yugi itu tidak didominasi pemain berduit :P

Gold Sarco is nice, indeed.

Berharap kualitasnya tidak seperti toolbox...

Apakah karena deck Quickdraw Dandy Warrior?
Gold Sarcphagus yg tidak GOLD, tapi super :P

Sekarang No More Hopeless in making Hopeless Dragon.

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