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Florsheim Tips : Baby Chaos Dragons

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From all of the common cards in Shadow Specters, only Black Dragon Collapserpent and White Dragon Wyverburster caught my attention. They are both level 4 Dragon: the LIGHT-attributed Wyverburster has 1700 ATK and the DARK-attributed Collapserpent has 1800 ATK. They have unique effect that replaces themselves with their counterpart. Wyverburster will search for Collapserpent when it dies, and vice versa. After that, their body in the Graveyard can be banished for the cost of the special summon of the searched card. This effect will make you have a stream of monsters that will not eat your precious Normal Summon.

There are several ways to exploit these baby chaos dragons: as an endless tribute fodder, as an easy synchro material and as a constant pressure. Each of these ways has its own deck that using its full potential.

The first way, using these dragons as an endless tribute fodder, is optimal in Monarch deck. Monarch deck itself is already using DARK and LIGHT monsters, such as Caius the Shadow Monarch, Effect Veiler and the new addition from SHSP, Ghostrick Lantern. Wyverburster and Collapserpent will act as a free and easy-to-summon monsters to tribute for big Monarchs, and afterwards searching another dragon to summon for pushing damage, or to become another tribute fodder. You can even use Return of the Monarchs so you will have both monster to tribute summon and to be tributed for the next turn.

Second use of these dragons is as an easy synchro material that can be special summoned and will replace themselves. There are a lot of deck that can use them in this manner. You can choose what engine to use by first decide at what level the synchro monsters you want. If you like Crimson Blader, Stardust Dragon, Colossal Fighter then use deck with level 4 Tuners. Hunder deck with Vylon Prism is a good option. Other ones are Scrap Deck, Flamvell Deck and Monster Mash deck with Witch of Black Rose. If you prefer level 6 synchro monsters like Vulcan the Divine, HTS Psyemuth or Iron Chain Dragon then you can use deck with Plaguespreader Zombies and Emergency Teleports. The key is adjusting the level of the tuners you use with the level of the synchro monsters you want, because these dragons are always at level 4.

Lastly, the third use is for giving your opponent constant pressure. Wyverburster and Collapserpent both have decent ATK, 1700 and 1800, respectively. They also can be easily special summoned, adding firepower to the first monster you normal summoned. In this mode, you do not need to use them as synchro material nor as a tribute fodder. Simply summon and attack with them. If your opponent destroys them, search for another. With this scheme, you can include a lot of traps and destruction spells in your deck since they will act as one for one. The difference is your monster will replace itself with another. So you should not be afraid of your opponent's removal. The deck that fit this playstyle best is Tech Genus because their main effect is the same: they can replace themselves when destroyed. Besides, Warwolf is a DARK monster, Cyber Magician is a LIGHT monster, and their synchro monsters, like Wonder Magician and Hyper Librarian, are also LIGHT and DARK, so it will be easy to summon Wyverburster and Collapserpent.

These dragons are so versatile they can be used in a lot of decks. Still, you have to remember, eventhough these dragons are level 4, you cannot Normal Summon them. They have to be special summoned by banishing a monster in your Graveyard that have opposite attribute and cannot be special summoned by any other ways. In the mid-game, you can just banish their counterpart that has already summoned before. But in the early game, you need a way to dump another monster to the Graveyard. So make sure you have another DARK or LIGHT monsters in your deck that independent to these dragons. And another thing you need to remember, their searching effect won't be activated if they are used as Xyz Material. Therefore, only use them for Xyz Material if you are in a pinch or if you need to deliver that last 800 damage with Gagaga Cowboy.

So guys, ready to rumble with these new chaos dragons?

Okay that's all for now,

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